Why Skiteam4 is simply Unique

Why? Because we are on the spot we get the best deal for you

The ST4 head office is located in Innsbruck, in the heart of the Alps. Our contracting team is close to most of the resorts we offer and we are therefore able to contract the best possible prices with our suppliers due to being "on the spot". ST4 automatically passes on all savings made to you, our clients.
Why Skiteam4 is simply Unique
Why Skiteam4 is simply Unique

The All-In plus Package

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The ST4 Mission

The SkiTeam4 mission is to get as many youngsters on the slopes as we can. We believe that all pupils should be given the chance to learn this exhilarating skill and that "learning to ski" truly is an educational experience in its own right!
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